Shire City Sanctuary, Inc.

Where did the old website go?

Visit the sites below for more information about activities going on at Shire City Sanctuary.

Address: 40 Melville St. Pittsfield, MA 01201
Phone: (413) 236-9600

Holiday Shindy information

An annual crafts fair held in the church


Maker of rugs and dresses from recycled materials

The Dolphin Studio

Makers of screen printed calendars and other items

Shire Kitchen

Plant-based food manufacturing and catering

Berkshire Interfaith Organizing

An interfaith group that works on social justice issues

Shire City Sanctuary Inc. is shutting down

Shire City Sanctuary, Inc. is the nonprofit corporation that was founded in October 2016. Our mission was to try to run the Shire City Sanctuary building as a space benefiting the community, an extension of the activities the space had been previously known for as a private operation. To this end we held community dinners, put on art galleries, ran internships and work skills training activities, held crafts classes, showed movies, and operated a makerspace. The board thanks General Manager Elliott Hunnewell for all of her hard work on this project.

Despite all this positive activity we were never able to come up with a stable financial and organizational structure. At the beginning of July 2017 the board decided to begin dissolution proceedings. As of August 1 the building will return to private operation.

Although Shire City Sanctuary, Inc. the organization is coming to an end, there are still activities going on at Shire City Sanctuary the building. For more information on these activities please see the above websites.