BINGO! Gallery

Each month, we feature a different artist in the BINGO! Gallery at Shire City Sanctuary.


Shire City Sanctuary is excited to be showing handmade posters, banners and placards from our regions Women’s Marches in our BINGO! Gallery for the month of February, 2017. If you haven’t been able to drop your poster off yet but want it to be included bring it along on Friday. This is an ever expanding show!

Viva La Resistance! will open as part of our citywide First Friday Artswalk on February 3 from 5-8pm in the lower level of Shire City Sanctuary.

In addition to the multitude of signs we are also lucky enough to be featuring a photographic slideshow of the Woe’s Marches in NYC and DC created by Jane Feldman and Enid Farber. To find more examples of their work you can visit the following and


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Upcoming Artists at Shire City Sanctuary:
September 2016: Karen Pratt

Shire City Sanctuary’s Previous Artists:
(Read about our previous artists!)

December 2015: The Dolphin Studio
November 2015: Cindy Hoose and Jacinta Bunnell
October 2015: Carri Skoczek
September 2015: Susan Pettee
August 2015: Bozena Chmielewska
July 2015: Bob Melnik
June 2015: Luke Egan
May 2015: Crispina ffrench