Makerspace Memberships


Shire City Makerspace is located in the lower level of the old Notre Dame church and is a part of the Shire City Sanctuary nonprofit. Our current strengths lie in fiber arts (sewing, knitting) and screen printing (posters and t-shirts) but we also have a growing technology lab area where the focus is on digital fabrication (3D printing and CNC machines).

Learn more about the equipment and different areas of the makerspace.

Shire City Makerspace is supported through paid memberships. Membership dues go toward paying costs associated with running the space (utilities, website, etc.) and toward purchasing new equipment. 

You should know that Shire City Makerspace is a work in progress. That means that you will have active input into the direction of the organization, from the classes on offer to the equipment we buy. Although you are free to simply use the space there will be opportunities to become much more involved with developing the makerspace and the larger Shire City Sanctuary organization.


1 day pass

$ 35 / day
  • Schedule ahead


$ 55 / month
  • Key access
  • 25% off on regular classes
  • 25% discount on community dinner


$ 600 / year
  • Key access
  • 25% off on regular classes
  • 25% discount on community dinner
  • Save $20 over monthly

Membership benefits

  • Membership to Shire City Sanctuary grants you 24/7 key access to our facility and shared equipment.
  • Makerspace members get 25% off regular classes and the monthly community dinner.
  • Makerspace members have access to experts in specific skills, such as screen printing and sewing, during regularly scheduled “office hours”.
  • Makerspace members will help shape the direction of the makerspace by voting on priorities for purchasing new equipment and for developing new classes.

Before you join

  • We ask that you visit the makerspace to get a sense of the space. The first step is to schedule a tour with us.
  • You will be required to agree to our membership agreement. This includes safety waivers and a code of conduct. We expect and require that all makerspace members will treat other members with respect and work to maintain a safe and supportive environment.
  • There will be an orientation for new members at the beginning of each month. This will be a chance to meet other members and review safety procedures.

Get started

Schedule a tour of our space. If afterward you are interested in becoming a member we have a convenient option for paying online, or you can pay offline by check.