Meet Our Members

Joe Method

joe-methodJoseph Method is a software developer by trade but he wants to be part of a social revolution. He’s vague on the details but he wants to find ways to encourage people to have an active, empowered stance toward their social and material environments. He thinks this begins in part by learning about technology, in particular learning how to control and modify it. To further these ambitious goals he started the Berkshire Technology Group in 2012. In practice this group has been an opportunity for a small group of nerds, geeks, and gearheads to meet every Tuesday to discuss technology and work on projects, mostly involving robotics and 3D printing. Click for Group Website

Jay Allard
Jay Allard is a craftsman, engineer, and project manager with a life long love affair with nature. Jay grew up in eastern CT, where he learned from a young age to work in his parent’s and grandparent’s gardens, which provided his family with all of their produce needs. Jay was fortunate enough to have a family that had a great admiration and respect for the planet and the abundance it provided them. Besides gardening, Jay’s love of nature, drew him to spend the majority of his free time in the woods camping, backpacking, mountaineering and exploring the many wonders of the wild. As Jay received his degree in Mechanical Engineering and joined the workforce, he yearned to make a positive difference for the planet amongst all the environmental destruction he saw happening around him. When he met Matt Lamb and learned about the simple natural systems of Permaculture, he knew he had found the vehicle that would allow him to use his skills and passions to effect the change needed. Jay is the cofounder of Berkshire Earth Regenerators, a Permaculture design firm that specializes in regenerating the health of our natural settings, and the communities’ relationship to the environment. Jay with his wife Sabrina hope to leave the planet a better place for his children Audrey and Miles and for children worldwide. Link to Website