Shire Kitchen

Shire Kitchen is a plant-based (or vegan) commercial production kitchen that lives within Shire City Sanctuary and is an extension of its larger nonprofit activities. Beyond supporting SCS financially, Shire Kitchen’s mission is to promote healthy and ethical diets, sustainable and organic food production, and nutritional awareness.


Shire Kitchen produces several lines of vegan foods, including tempeh and seitan. These products will be appearing on the menus of local restaurants. The public will be able to purchase them at area farmer’s markets.

In addition to this main activity, Shire Kitchen offers cooking classes and catering.  Catering is organic, local and seasonal, with allergen-awareness and menu-tailoring options, for groups large and small. We are a full-service catering company that works closely with each client to get the optimum outcome. We offer a wide variety of cuisines and options for all adventurous palates. 


Shire Kitchen is run by Mariana Bergtold. Mariana studied cooking in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute and has worked at numerous prestigious restaurants in California and Hawaii. In 1999 after a diagnosis of terminal cancer Mariana moved  to Becket, MA to study at the Kushi Institute to study the principles of Macrobiotics. In 2008 with three other partners she opened the Dancing Vegan, Pittsfield, MA’s first vegan restaurant. In opening the Shire Kitchen Mariana wants to bring a community awareness to good quality, healthy foods prepared in simple but flavorful ways.